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Doctor, teacher, innovator, writer, Dr. Michael E. Graham has an achievement list a mile long. Yet the humble-hearted surgeon has a genuine sincerity surrounding him that instantly puts others at ease.

Dr. Graham is a board certified podiatric surgeon who dreamed of being a foot specialist since the age of seven. His passion for foot care has led him on an incredible path. Dr. Graham is an innovator that has revolutionized foot care globally. He has written numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies, and has been issued several patents both domestically and internationally. One of the conditions he saw early in private practice was how so many patients were really embarrassed and adversely affected by chronic dry skin. Moreover, many patients were so disgusted by the appearance of their toenails that they never wanted to wear open-toed shoes. He had prescribed many different creams and ointments, even oral medications – they did little to help. So he rolled up his sleeves to find a better solution.

Dr. Graham was fortunate enough to find a local chemist and the two began a 5 year quest to develop these unique formulations.

Dr. Graham simply sold the cream to patients in his private practice. They were thrilled with the excellent results. Once Dr. Graham closed his practice to devote all of his energies to GraMedica and the Graham International Implant Institute, he had patients continue to track him down to buy more of his foot care system. After more than 15 years of use he now is making his foot care system available to everyone.

Dr. Graham is constantly developing new products and solutions to help those in need. An inspiration to people all over the world, Dr. Graham has changed so many lives by helping others obtain the quality of life they’ve always dreamed of having.

The Nail & Skin Restorative System

Using Soleus can:

  • Restore your skin & nails
  • Help dry & cracked skin
  • Heal foot fungus
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