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The Soleus Nail & Skin Restorative System is a special concept in restoring your skin and nails. It was developed as a solution for those dealing with chronic dry, cracked skin, thickened toenails, and foot fungus.

– Proper foot health is important because four to five times of our body weight travels through the feet. The skin must be strong enough to handle these forces, as it is the body’s first barrier of defense. A broken barrier can lead to many problems. Proper care is necessary to maintain and enhance the function of our nails and skin.

– You can use as often as you like, however twice daily application will produce faster results.

– The Soleus Nail & Skin Restorative System contains a perfect blend of ingredients, including botanical oils, emollients and other natural ingredients to provide maximum defense and help heal cracked, dry skin and thickened, discolored toenails, as well as fungus. The perfect mixture and blend of its ingredients leaves your feet smooth, moisturized, and protected. Once you start to use our products ,you will never want to use another system again.

In under two minutes a day you can give your feet the special attention they need and deserve. 1. Use the Smoothing Sponge to exfoliate your nails and any callused skin on the sides or bottom of your feet. 2. Apply the Nail Rejuvenation Elixir to the tops and sides of your nails. 3. Mix equal parts of the Step 1 Reducing & Softening Cream with the Step 2 Activator AF Cream (Tolnaftate 1% cream) in the palm of your hand. 4. Rub palms together to mix the creams and apply enough to the cover the toes, bottom and sides of each foot. 5. You can immediately cover your feet with socks or hose.

– The Soleus Nail & Skin Restorative System was created to provide an optimum solution for everyone, no matter what skin type.

– We take great pride in the quality of our products and every bottle is produced to meet our high standards. Our 5 year quest in developing The Soleus Nail & Skin Restorative System has allowed us to perfect our unique formulation. We want everyone to have wonderful experiences with our products, and encourage anyone with questions to contact us. Since 2001, this system has been used successfully and we are delighted to hear from so many of you about the benefits and results you have experienced using Soleus.

– We love hearing from our Soleus fans! Please feel free to “like” our Facebook page and post your story on our wall.

– We are proud to say that all of our products are manufactured in the United States.

– Soleus products are not tested on animals.

– Not at all. Using the system takes under two minutes and can be done while watching television, relaxing, right before bed or whenever you prefer!

– Twice daily application will produce faster results. Don’t skip the smoothing sponge, it helps to reduce the thickness of your nails and skin. Topical products are more effective when applied to this “newer” layer of skin and nail. Don’t give up! It takes a long time for your skin and nails to get destroyed and it takes time for them to recover.

Our Foot Care Collection has been developed over many years and it has helped to rejuvenate the feet of thousands of patients. While the “secret” formula will remain mostly “secret”, we’d like you to know the story behind our name.

There is a powerful muscle in the back of our leg called soleus. It integrates with another muscle to propel our feet when we walk. The important aspect here is the working together in harmony to make something great happen. The combining of positive forces in an effort to bring about a positive outcome is what we have achieved with this Collection.

Of course, you will also see the word “sole” in Soleus. This pertains to the bottom of the foot. This is where our body comes into contact with the world. It’s so important to take care of this part of our body. Because the sole of our foot is so far away from our head, it is given less value. If you’ve ever stepped on a thorn or had a splinter buried in the bottom of your foot, you know how important it is to have a soft, supple sole beneath your foot.

Somewhat subtle is “Sol” this is Latin for the Sun. It’s the sun that provides us the energy to grow and improve our lives. We want to energize your feet. Our Foot Care Collection is created to rejuvenate your skin and nails. Simply put, when your feet feel good, you feel good.

Finally, there’s the “us.” We have to work together to improve the quality of the skin and nails of your feet. There is a major limitation of our Foot Care Collection – that is, it only works if you use it. Our system is designed to only take seconds a day. Your feet deserve the attention. If you take good care of them, they’ll take good care of you.

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